Proposal for Professional Studies – Culminating Paper

Professional Studies Proposals and Culminating Paper

proposal guidelines

Structural and Content Requirements for the proposal . The paper must manifest a proper structure, and contain content that addresses the stated purpose  for the proposal and research questions. The following structural elements and content must be included in the proposal or culminating paper. Firstly title page. Abstract of 150-200 words. Outline with Roman numerals for first-order divisions. Arabic numerals for second order divisions and lower-case letters for third order divisions. All first order headings in the text should be in bold, all second order texts in italics. An Introduction that includes clear and distinct Purpose Statement and clearly stated Research Questions.  A Literature Review that includes analysis of at least fifteen key sources derived from academic journal articles. Books published by academic institutional presses, and reputable web-based sources.

A Methods Review in which the ontological, epistemological and methodological underpinnings of the study are clearly articulated (these elements can be addressed in the introduction if this is preferred). The student must very specifically identify the primary nature of the research (qualitative, quantitative or mixed) and very clearly and specifically describe methods of data collection (e.g. survey through online method sent to 51 informants). h) A Case Study/Discussion section in which the student integrates the study into the theoretical elements in the previous sections of the paper, and very specifically addresses the purpose and research questions. i) Paper must include a clear and brief conclusion.

In Summary

In proposals, this will take the form of “possible findings” or “expectations” presented in the future tense. Culminating papers must present conclusions in past and/or present tense. j) Appendices should include an interview schedule (i.e. list of questions) for qualitative work, and survey questions if relevant. k) Graphics, photos and tables should be placed in the text and properly labeled (e.g. Table 1, Figure 1, etc.) l) The proposal or culminating paper must be at least 20 pages of text, without spacing between paragraphs, except where you intoduce new sections . The case study and conclusion must comprise a minimum of 50% of the culminating paper.

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