Recommendation Report Assignment

Recommendation Report Assignment

Remember that the purpose of a recommendation report is to offer suggestions about what readers ought to do next. Recommendation reports might address one of the following types of questions:  What should we do about Problem X?  Should we do about Function X?  Should we use Technology A or Technology B to do Function X?  We currently use Method A to do Function X. Should we be using Method B?    Each of these questions can lead to a wide variety of recommendations, ranging from “do nothing” to “study this some more” to “take the following actions immediately.” For the purposes of this assignment, it would be best if your proposal were not to “do nothing.”

You get to choose what kind of proposals you want to share in your technical document. Take some time to consider your experiences as a student at NCC and assess how our college supports student success. Identify processes and/or methods you think could be improved so as to better support student success. Alternately, identify opportunities for developing a process, method, service, or product you believe would support student success if implemented. Writing your recommendation will require a little research on your end, but you should not let the research phase of planning your document become too time-consuming: Choose to write a recommendation on a subject that is at least somewhat familiar to you.

Further Instructions

 In addition think creatively about a recommendation you have to offer our college and have fun (if you can!) with this technical document. Therefore please follow these steps to complete the recommendation report assignment.  Consequently choose the subject for your proposal report. Remember that the proposal(s) you provide must be a recommendation to Normandale Community College for supporting student success.  Analyze the audience for and purpose of your document.  Review what you learned about the process of writing proposal reports on page 487 of our course text (“Writing Recommendation Reports” in Technical Communication).

Follow our text’s recommendations on pages 486-491 in Chapter 18 (“Writing Recommendation Reports” in Technical Communication) for guidance with preparing proposal reports and use a Problem-Solving Model for Preparing Recommendation Reports which includes the following. Identify the problem or opportunity; Establish criteria for responding to the problem or opportunity; Determine the options; Study each option according to the criteria, Draw conclusions about each option; Formulate proposals based on the conclusions.

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