International Business- Approved Current Controversy

research an approved current controversy in international business

Students will select and research an approved current controversy in international business.  The research will result in a 3-page paper presenting both sides of the issue. The student’s commentary on the issue, and a conclusion that has the support  of the content of the paper.  A minimum of 3 valid sources must be used and appropriately cited. If you are unsure of the resources you are using, please check with the instructor. Submit the paper  through the Assignment link in Blackboard™.    Issue Analysis Paper Requirements. Firstly  APA Formatting. Secondly title Page .Thirdly title of Paper. In addition   Instructor Name (spelled correctly) School Name   Introduction.  Finally paragraph of two or three sentences that describes the controversy.  Sample: The U.S. has the highest trade barriers to imported sugar of any nation in the WTO.

Further Description

This paper describes who benefits from the international trade barriers and presents the arguments in favor of continued U.S trade barriers. It then presents the negative consequences resulting from the trade barriers and the arguments for their removal.   Body Will contain: Approximately one page that presents one perspective of the controversy. ·   Approximately one page that presents another perspective of the controversy. One page with your reflections or comments on the issue followed by a recommendation on how you would resolve the controversy. Citation (APA) Be sure to use properly in-text citations for all quotes or data that you use. Include references immediately following the conclusion (Not a new page) Remember, if you cite a source it must be listed as a reference. If you list a source as a reference, it must be cited in the text. Minimum of three sources.

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