Review- Mother Daughter Communication About Sex

Research Article review: Mothers daughters communication about sex

Research Article Review Instructions APA formatting guidelines. The guidelines below will help you analyze and review the research study and write an organized, thorough, and informative review. Please use the content headings shown in bold to organize your review in a clear and logical manner. Write your review should be in paragraph form and not simply bullet the answers to the questions below. Remember, scientific writing is direct and orderly. Literature Review You should summarize the literature review that supports the need for the current research. Why is this an important topic to empirically study? What findings have previous studies yielded?.   Hypothesis Please clearly state the hypothesis for the study (you may have to infer this). What is/are the researchers’ predictions regarding the outcome of the study?.

   Methods You should provide a clear review  description of how the experiment was complete and the rational for why  you use specific experimental procedures . You should describe what the researchers do to answer the research question and how they analyze the results . How did you select and assign the subjects of the review . How many subjects participated?. Firstly what were the dependent variables do you  measure?. Secondly what materials were used in the study?.. Thirdly what was the research protocol?. Consequently what statistical tests were used to analyze the data?.   Results You should present the results from all variables included in the study. Specifically, state whether or not the hypotheses were supported. Remember, this section should include a short description of the results and not an interpretation of the findings (i.e., interpretations and implications should be included in the discussion section).

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Discussion Provide an interpretation and description of the study findings in light of what was already known about the research topic and explain new findings or implications from the data. The discussion should explain how the study has added to the existing knowledge-base on the topic being investigated. You should identify the strengths and weaknesses of the study, and also describe potential directions for future research in this area. Do not simply repeat information from the literature review or the results section.   Constructive Article Critique Provide a short paragraph in which you critique the article.  You should comment on how well or poorly the article was written, on the organization and flow of the article, as well as on the understandability and clarity of the writing. You should also provide at least one suggestion for how to improve the quality of the research.

In other words, if you were conducting the study, what would you have done differently and why? Make sure you continue to write this section in third-person voice. (i.e. use statements like “the article was descriptive” instead of “I think…”)   APA Style You should provide a properly formatted APA title page (e.g., running head, page number, title) and cite the assigned article (as well as any other you might use in your review) on an APA consistent reference page. Direct quotes from the article should be accompanied by in-text citations (e.g., Smith, 2007) in the body of your review.

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