Research on appropriate teenage dating -research solution

 Research on appropriate teenage dating

In this assignment, we are going to research on the appropriate  teenage to dating. With changing dating practices, parents find it hard to know how to navigate the dating landscape. Mothers may remember their teenage dates coming to the front door and respectfully conversing with their parents before leaving on the date.   However, today’s teens conduct dating with fewer rules and more ambiguity. In the mean time, psychologist and lifestyle experts continue to offer advice on the benefits of teen dating. It helps to gain practice with social skills, other sources including academic research studies caution about negative impacts of the teen dating. Furthermore,you can expand  this aspects written above using sources in your own academic style. Remember to link dating with psychological aspects using sources provided.

After that, you can include a strong thesis statement. I would advice you to partition the body of your research paper on the appropriate teenage as below. On the first paragraph, explain how the drastic changes in dating today has confused parents. Now, so much is hidden that parents are unaware of how kids are dating. Before, parents met the boy or the girl before either went on the date.  On the second paragraph,also explain how parents are naturally alarmed by the news headlines describing the dangers posed by this new world of dating via text on social media platforms. Due to this, great danger may be  on their child’s school performance, emotional state and thus depression . Remember to link this point with the study in scholarly article uploaded  and then describe the psychology and dating aspects.

Research on  appropriate teenage dating

In the last paragraph of your research on appropriate teenage dating, show how right guidance dating in the teenage  life can be a good thing. It helps one  develop of social skills. Expand this paragraph talking about benefits of dating and psychological aspects. In conclusion, show clearly that in the changing and more fluid world of dating, parents should play a guiding role in the way teens go about dating. With the right guidance teen can date safely and without suffering negative consequences. This include, lower school motivation and less motivation.

Additionally, alert parents who keep the conversation going will be able to spot signs of depression and other emotion. Parents can set parameters about how often dating happens. How much time is spent online. Ensure communication about the child is expected back home on where and with whom they are with . Parental guidance on teenage dating is essential to avoid negative psychological effects.

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