Covid 19 – Researching the Geographies

Researching the Geographies of Covid 19

For this assignment we are going to use the geographic concepts we’ve learned about thus far to research Covid 19. In a minimum 600 word please answer the following questions below. 1. Human-Environmental Relations.  In your own words, define how a geographer studies human-environmental relations. Using the concept of human-environmental relations, tell us about the origins of Covid 19 (as far as we know). What role has intensified human contract with the ‘natural’ world played? (I realize it’s possible the virus emerged from a lab in Wuhan. Please focus your writing on the nature and human interaction theory).  2. Space-Time Compression. In your own words, define space-time compression. Using the concept of space-time compression, could you have predicted which cities in the U.S. were likely to have the first cases of the virus?.

Which cities would you predict would have the first cases and why there? Remember, the virus originated in Wuhan, China. 3. Place. In your own words, define how a geographer uses the concept of place. In what ways has place mattered in the transmission of Covid 19? How might place-based features of housing in LA have contributed to who gets Covid 19 and who doesn’t? How might the place-based features of work in LA have contributed to who gets Covid 19 and doesn’t? Another way to think about this: in what places are you most likely to catch Covid 19 and who interacts in these places? — You are free to use any reputable sources you want. I think mainstream news and magazine sites are your best bets.

In Summary

Please avoid blogs unless the author has credentials that make them an expert on the subject and/or some sort of an editorial staff. If you have any doubts ask me. I will post some links to help you out below. Please be very careful about not plagiarizing someone else’s work. You need to use your own words and language to describe the author’s ideas. You can also use direct quotes if you want to site the author directly. Sources Below are some sources that can help you answer the questions below. Feel free to use them or research your own!

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