SMART Goal – PowerPoint Presentation Marketing Changes

SMART Goal – Video or PowerPoint Presentation

For this group assignment you will be assigned to the same group as you were for last week’s case study. Each group will create either a video or a PowerPoint presentation (15–20 minutes in length with voice narration) to explain and demonstrate marketing changes taking place within an industry or specific business of your choosing as a result of COVID-19. If the PowerPoint file is too large, you can upload it on YouTube. Make sure you make this video published not private. Then submit the URL to your instructor. In addition to the measures already taken by the business, provide four or more recommendations and SMART goals focusing on issues such as health/safety, strengthening the brand, increasing market share, improving customer service or increasing profitability.

Further Description

When developing recommendations, remain mindful of the firm’s likely resources and how consumer value is added by these recommendations. Please also remain mindful of the company’s or industries likely resources. Use the Marketing Framework (Exhibit 2-9, pg. 49) as your formatting guide. For example, in the introduction describe the business’ market environment. In the body, describe the target market and how your recommendation differentiates and positions the business and affects the marketing mix. In the conclusion, describe metrics you would use to measure the results of your plan.

Closely connect your recommendations as well as the changes the company has already implemented to marketing concepts and theories covered in our class (particularly exhibited by the Marketing Framework). Your project should make abundant use of marketing terminology and communicate how your recommendations will add value to consumers. Furthermore, explain and provide at least one SMART goal for each of your recommendations that marketing managers could use to measure the effectiveness of your recommendations

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