State and local government – Proposal

State and local government Assignment

have to “Write a written proposal in terms of short paragraphs or an outline (recommended) with a lot of detail. Take this as an opportunity to research your issue and the involved actors, as well as your local government. It does not have to be complete, as you will probably find more information along the way. But try to find most of this information. Make sure to put in-text citations for your proposal so that you know where you found the information for your paper! .These are some of the same questions you find within the instructions for your Cities Paper. Remember, depending on your issue, certain specific questions might not be relevant. It all depends on what you are examining, as every policy issue has different actors involved in policy-making and policy implementation.”

Questions  1.Discuss the characteristics of your cities/counties and decide whether they are similar or different to each other in terms of their background— Where are they located? What are the demographics of your subnational governments? Are they large/small localities? Do they have a particular political culture? What form of subnational government are they and how do they organize? 2.Define the issue you chose and describe the policy in both cities/counties. How do you formulate the policy issue  in your cities/counties? Why is this policy issue important? 3.Describe the policy origins for both cities/counties—Is it a national/state/subnational policy? Who initiated the policy? . Finally do you  derive it from grassroots (group-level) efforts or not?.

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Firstly do the localities have similar/different origins for this policy? 4.Secondly what is the goal(s) of the policy for both cities/counties?.  Thirdly is it simple or complex for one or both localities?. Additionally were the goals inspired from other localities dealing with the same issue?. Consequently are there other supporting/contrasting policies in place at the subnational level (city/county governments) and/or at the national level? 5.Identify and describe the important policy actors for both cities/counties—Who are the main policy actors involved in your issue and are there many in each locality? Who plays a dominant role for your policy issue? Are others left-out?

6.Evaluate the overall coordination and agency of policy actors for both cities/counties—Is there a high level or low level of coordination and interaction among policy actors for this policy issue in each city? Are only elected or appointed governmental officials interacting with each other? Are there outsiders being allowed to give insights, such as local activists, etc.? 7.Explain the financing of this policy for implementation at the local level for both cities/counties—Where is the financing coming from for both localities? Local/state taxes? Federal grants? Other loans? Private developers?

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