Ethnic Geography- Historical Settlement Area

Term Paper-Ethnic Geography

Statement of Purpose and Bibliography (5% of Final Grade) Submit a short statement of purpose by March 19 in the Assignments Section explaining the specific Ethnic Geography topic you decide to study because you find it intriguing and important. Therefore this statement must be at least one page long or 250 words, but no longer than 500 words. Examples of a good short statement could cover the historical settlement area of a particular ethnic group. Or the historical formation of an Urban Ethnic Neighborhood due to migration and discrimination. Consequently specific examples could focus on early Chinese immigration to California and the factors that led to the formation of Chinese American ethnic neighborhoods. Or how the end of slavery and rise of Industrial Cities saw the formation of Black neighborhoods in northern cities.

But there is no need to focus only on recent American history, you could also research the early development of ethnicity in Europe or China, or ethnic conflict in a part of the world today. Also, include a short, initial Bibliography of at least 5 books and/or journal articles you have found so far. Our textbooks, and anything you just find online such as a blog, or a Wikipedia entry, or a social media post, etc. will not count as one of your 5 peer-reviewed (i.e. vetted by qualified scholars in their fields and published by reputable institutions) sources. 3 Finally if you would like some advice on ways to best search for books and journal articles based on Key Words in online databases available from our Library website email me for advice, or email a reference librarian for help.


Class Calendar Assigned Readings refer to The Making of the American Landscape. Introduction to Human Geography, or a specific article provided Week Starting on: JAN 19 Read “Ethnicity and Race” Chapter 7 from Introduction to Human Geography 25 Post/Reply 1 (related to “Ethnicity and Race” reading from first week of class) Feb 1 “Retrieving American Indian Landscapes” Chap. 2 from The Making of the American Landscape. Post/Reply 2 on this topic. 8 “Refashioning Hispanic Landscapes” Chap. 3. Post/Reply 3 15 “Transforming the Southern Plantation” Chap. 6. Post/Reply 4 22 “Emergent Ghettos: Black Neighborhoods in New York and Chicago, 1880- 1940” by John R. Logan and Weiwei Zhang (article PDF in Files section).

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