The genesis of social entropy. 2022 Best

The genesis of social entropy.

For this assignment we will explore  the genesis of social entropy. In The Evolving Self, the author makes the point that failure to achieve a self that combines interconnectedness along with complexity and integration results in social entropy (Chapter 9).

The genesis of social entropy.

FINAL Paper Prompts for PHL 230* Fall, 2022 Answer one question of your choice. In 8 pages, write a well-formulated response to one of the questions posed below. As in your first paper, make sure that you develop your thoughts in well-formulated arguments, and in a manner that is well-organized. 1) In The Evolving Self, the author makes the point that failure to achieve a self that combines interconnectedness along with complexity and integration results in social entropy (Chapter 9). What is the genesis of this social entropy, and how and why are complexity and integration crucial for the transcendent self to continue evolving?

The genesis of social entropy.

2) Starting with an incontrovertible need for faith to continue the project of continued evolution (to prevent what the author calls, “ a monstrous evolutionary miscarriage” p.276 chapter 9, in chapter 10 the authors writes: “And when we start to identify with the evolution of complexity, when we begin to recognize our kinship with the rest of creation, then it will be easier for us to free ourselves from the constricting needs of the self, from the terror of meaningless mortality,” p.292 (Chapter 10).

What does the author mean by this? How are the conditions for the emergent transcendent self tied to this recognition and how do we escape the meaningless of mortality—as described throughout the book—by the author to live a life of flow and deep meaning?

The genesis of social entropy.

3) Todd May’s goal in a Decent Life is —among other things— to permit us to live a decent life without falling into a self-sacrificial life of altruism that might be too demanding of persons as we find them in the empirical world. In A Significant Life, the chief goal seems to be how to craft a meaningful life predicated on narrative values and moral values. How does Ayn Rand’s essay, THE OBJECTIVIST ETHICS, attempt to address the question of altruism by diverting the question of whether altruism is ever a proper moral standard by which to appraise a meaningful life?

That is, why for her is altruism evil to begin with, and a moral goal no person of self-esteem should pursue?

The genesis of social entropy.

Rand believes that the pursuit of one’s rational happiness is one’s highest moral purpose and the end of human striving. May claims in A Significant Life that happiness is not enough. Where do you find yourself in the debate between Rand and May? Is self-esteem, as Rand defines it in its literal sense (placing the interests of others above one’s own; and serving others in order to justify one’s existence) truly so reprehensible that it ought to be purged from any moral metric; a metric that states in its inverse form: altruism is noble, but it is too hard for us to practice?


Rand would say: Altruism in calling for the individual to be a sacrificial animal is too evil a phenomenon for any self-respecting person to aspire towards.

The genesis of social entropy.

Formulate a thesis statement around any of the aforementioned formulations and write an essay defending a position you have staked out. 4) This question is taken from Chapter 4—Predators and Parasites in the “Further Thoughts” section at the end of the chapter. It reads: Those of us who were born in the technologically advanced “first world” automatically inherit advantages that are envied and resented by many third-world natives, who feel exploited by us. Their trees go to make our furniture, their air is fouled by our emission, they are forced to trade nonrenewable raw materials and labor for cheap manufactured goods.

DO we have a responsibility to ameliorate this state of affairs? And if yes, what can you do about it? P.115 (Chapter 4).

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