The Industrial Revolution -Birmingham



The Industrial Revolution in Birmingham, UK – The Manufacturer of the World – Economic History

1) Contextualization of the city of Birmingham. Previous conditions to the Industrial Revolution. Infrastructures, demographics, local economy, trade, etc. Which socio-economic-political-cultural factors made the Industrial Revolution possible and so special. Compared to other industrial cities of the UK) in the city of Birmingham?. How important was the Black Country and the construction of the canals for industrial boom?. 2) Industrial development and growth including the financial role of the banks and first financial institutions in the city of Birmingham. Also, include the role of Matthew Boulton, James Watt, William Murdoch. And all the relevant entrepreneurs (like the rest of the Lunar Society relevant members) of the time that incentivized the Industrial Revolution in the city.

How were these funded to carry out their projects?. Did they face any administrative barriers?. If yes or no, how so?. 3) The growth, development and transformation of the city of Birmingham. And its industries until some relevant date (depending on what’s more suitable for the dissertation, e.g. could be either until the late second half of the XIX century, beginnings of the XX century or even the present).


Please take this just as some orienting guidelines. Feel free to include, suggest or ask me for any other insights that might improve the dissertation. Also, feel free to talk about some of the topics mentioned in any chapter. For example; if you went through the demographic factors or the importance of the canals or the need of infrastructures in the first chapter, you still can talk about it as well from another perspective or mention it to help yourself introduce or just talk about the next topic of another chapter or subchapter (always as long as it is not a repeated idea).

Also, as with any dissertation paper, the more sources the better so, feel free to include as many references as possible and sort in alphabetical order in the bibliography section of the dissertation.

Please make sure that you use not only manuals or online articles but reliable sources from the numerous books that treat the subject of the dissertation.

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