Zero based Budgeting 2023 Best

Zero based Budgeting

This assignment explores Incremental Budgeting and Zero based Budgeting  and Combination of these two. On the other hand we will discuss the process and purpose of budget analysis.

Zero based Budgeting

AA 3304 CASE STUDY This is a little different type of assignment. It is not based on any chapter from your book nor it is a case study. It is more like a research. You will need to collect information from outside sources. You may also refer to the article on budgeting given in the resources tab on the left side of your screen. Also you may find some information in your book. You may need to take advantage of ‘You Tube”, ‘Google Search” ‘Dummies’ and any other reference materials etc.

Questions; 1. Explain in detail ‘Incremental Budgeting’ and ‘Zero based Budgeting’ and Combination of these two. 2. Explain the process and purpose of budget analysis. Write about a page including both questions. In any case you should not exceed four pages including list of references. Use as many resources as you want and attach a list of references.

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