A research on a culture and its practices-research solution

A research paper on a culture and its practices

This research paper is to be about one culture or subculture and its practices. Remember, by practices I mean their marriage practices, burial practices, dietary preferences, ritual activities, economic system, subsistence pattern as well as any other cultural issue you might come across during the course of your research. Each group (3-5 students) should only focus on ONE to THREE of these practices in their research paper on a culture. You cannot do an entire culture in 5-7 pages in any kind of depth. Remember, this is not a history paper as such your topic must have current ethnographic data.

You must use at least three resources, one of which must be an academic journal (peer reviewed) in anthropology. The reference style for this research paper on a culture and its practices is Chicago. Format: Title Page (with all group member’s names listed) Body of paper Last Page: Works Cited Must have a minimum of 3 sources Chicago format only. One peer-reviewed source (textbook does not count) No Wikipedia, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. type sources If you have questions about the usability of a source from the internet, you may double check the source with me via email.

A research on a culture and its practices

In addition to the format, the overall Page length (5-7 pages): not including title page or works cited page Overall Paper format: standard margins (1in all around); 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced At the end of the research paper on a culture and its practices, you must list your references on the page titled “Works Cited.” This will include all of the references you cited in the text. Do not include a reference that you did not cite. You must cite all references you used. Plagiarism for this research paper as referred to the policy in syllabus, is a serious offense. It could result in your suspension or expulsion from the college.

If you are in doubt as to how to cite a reference, consult me. The reference page(s) do not count as part of the expected pages of the research paper. I am going to just need the 3 pages talking about the marriage and burial practices of the Apache Indians. The rest of the research paper  is going to be for the other members to write. So for this research paper on culture and its practices, just set up the format accordingly. In addition, write the 3 pages on the marriage and burial practices,and then a works cited page. Please make sure to follow the instructions for what is expected for the works cited. This paper will be checked with Plagiarism software.

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