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Information tech- ABC Car Service

Class, The ABC Car Service & Repair Centers are owned by the SILENT car dealer; ABC services and repairs only SILENT cars. Three ABC Car Service & Repair Centers provide service and repair for the entire state. Firstly each of the three centers has independent management and they operates by a shop manager. A receptionist, and at least eight mechanics.  Secondly each center maintains a fully stocked parts inventory. Thirdly each center also maintains  a manual file system in which keeps each car’s maintenance history . Repairs made, parts used, costs, service dates, owner, and so on. They also keep files to track inventory, purchasing, billing, employees’ hours, and payroll. The manager of one of the centers to design contacts you and implement a computerized data system. So far you have an Interview with the shop manager.

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Interviewed the mechanics. Obtained a general description of company operations (inventory, payroll, work orders, customers, etc.). Created a description of each system process. Assignment instructions : Design the database management system for ABC with all the required components. Create its conceptual model using ERDplus (or other) that represent the various items that you believe the system should include. Compose a multi-page summary (3-4 pages) in MS Word of the new ABC database management system (including the ER model) to present to the manager that will persuade him or her to move forward on the project. Post this summary and all materials in Canvas by Sunday,   UPDATE: 3/26.

Reading over the original instructions again, I see there is more clarification needed so I edited the instructions this evening.  Design the database management system based on ABC’s needs or business rules. Create the conceptual for this design using ERDplus or other. Compose a multi-page summary addressed to the business manager that explains this DBMS for ABC in a persuasive manner using evidence and the model to validate the design recommendation. Submit this summary to Canvas as MS Word document by Monday.

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