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You are encouraged to use your DSM-5 or textbook for the diagnose me questions).  If you choose to use additional outside sources, they must be cited in APA style, the information must be put into your own words, and it must be for information that isn’t found in your textbook.  (For example, if you use simplypsychology.com to explain Psychoanalysis, that would not be appropriate, as your  book has extensive information about Psychoanalysis, but using Freud’s writings [with page numbers] would be appropriate).  Works that are not paraphrased or cited are considered plagiarism.  Do not use quotations from any source for this test- put it entirely in your own words. ANSWER THE 4 FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. Each question should be atleast a page.

Abnormal Psychology -Disorders

  Disorders we covered is firstly Bulimia Nervosa,  secondly Generalized Anxiety Disorder , and thirdly mood disorders etc.  1. Firstly choose one of the disorders that we’ve covered, and describe, in detail, how you would study that disorder using one of the research methods described in your text.  Include what question you would want to answer, and how you’d apply the research method to that question. Then, explain why you chose that research method, and some shortcomings (or things you can’t learn) of that research method. 2. Secondly name 10 interview questions you might ask someone to determine what disorder they might have.  After each question, put in parentheses why you would ask that question. These 10 questions should be more specifically related to diagnosis than just “what’s your name”.

3. Describe, in detail, how we treat Specific Phobia using the behavioral perspective.  Relate this back to classical or operant conditioning.   4. Describe obsessive-compulsive disorder like you’re explaining it to someone who has never taken this class (you might have to define – in your own words – what obsessions and compulsions are).  Then, explain, according to any single theory/model, why the disorder develops and how you can treat it.   (Note: if you chose OCD for a previous question, choose a different model of abnormality for this one)

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