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Abnormal Psychology

To begin with this paper will demonstrate your understanding of the course specific learning competencies covered in Abnormal Psychology. Introduction ‘This is an important submission of this semester worth 100 points. In addition to the directions, please review the grading rubric prior to writing your paper. Use the Academic Writer to complete this assignment in addition to the other resources you have been given. We advise  you to make appointments with the writing center early in the semester as well as use peer help to proof read your work before submission. Complete all work on your own, however, we highly recommend guidance from the writing center and proof reading. Academic Writer Create an account in Academic Writer: Library > Articles & More (Databases) > Academic Writer. I strongly suggest you start getting familiar with the Database now and not wait until you are writing your paper.

What is a Literature Review Please find an explanation of a literature review on the Online Purdue Writing Center: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/13/APA Style and Format .Consequently you will be using or creating a student paper template for this assignment? Remember, always follow APA formatting and ask questions when if you need clarification. Further read and view all of the resources that we provide for you throughout the course and ask for clarification if need be. Use 1-inch margins, Time New Romans 12-point font , APA in text citations, and we require  references which must have a proper format. If you use Academic Writer keep a backup document in Microsoft word. Do not use personal pronouns. We will grade proper format content and grammar. (See Scoring Rubric)We  expect you to use the resources that are available for you and seek help from the writing center if necessary.

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This paper will summarize and synthesize the scientific literature on a clinical diagnosis of your choice. Therefore your goal is to organize your content in a meaningful way and present material clearly and concisely. Each reference must be cited within the body of text as supporting material. In addition to content, you will be graded on grammar, mechanics, format and style. A general structure for your paper is provided below; Student Paper Title Page (Include all elements suggested by APA) Body of the Paper (3-5 pages, if you write the minimum amount it must be 3 full pages) Use the level 1 headings listed below and center them The Title (followed by an introduction to the topic)Introduce your topic What is the clinical diagnosis your are discussing Provide a definition from your text book or the DSM-5 and properly cite it.

Literature Review (This is where you go into detail. Use level 1 headings only)Describe the problem and the symptoms after this heading. Additional Level 1 headings will include Diagnostic Criteria, and Appropriate Assessments and Treatment. Use parenthetical and narrative citations. In parenthetical citations, the author name and publication date appear in parentheses. In narrative citations, the author name is incorporated into the text as part of the sentence and the year follows in parentheses. You may use 1 block quote only if you are listed symptoms from the DSM-5Discussion (do not use “Conclusions” as your final level 1 heading) This is where you will summarize your paper.

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Discuss how the research might guide psychological practice. You are not reinventing the wheel. Instead reiterate the suggestions from the research. This should be one or two robust paragraphs with details. References (make sure you format these correctly. You have  instructional material to help you do this. You will need a minimum of one citation per reference and 5 references. Your text book, The DSM-5, and 3 Peer reviewed journal articles. No websites, video, or media may be used. APA student format Abstract is not needed My text book is Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychologyhttps://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-abnormal-psychology-2794775 by Ronald J. Comer Must be 3-5 pages (not including sources)

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