AI technology – Digital Government

Digital Government –  AI technology

The focus of this research paper will be to examine the development, role and capabilities of AI technology. In the transformation of public services in Digital Government. Also how governments are addressing transparency and accountability to its citizens. Specifically, this analysis shall examine the use of AI technology in government services. Government processes and procedures and evaluate how these technologies are impacting citizens. An evaluation of the actual technology will be important to understand the underlining mechanisms of change in the public system. In addition determine how AI technology interacts with the citizen and utilizes its data and information. To highlight the nature of the shift to Digital Government , different government national AI strategies shall be analyzed, compared and contrasted.

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This shall highlight the advantages and disadvantages of integration of AI technology. In a pre-existing system that requires a shift in the way the citizen may interact with the system. Consequently how the system interacts with the citizen. Subsequently, this research paper shall present case studies of circumstances where the use and/or integration of AI technologies in the public system has not been successful and evaluate the contributing factors. This research shall analyze recommendations and solutions outlined by governments to address issues of AI ethics. In this analysis a focus on open source AI technology shall be evaluated as a solution for governments to provide transparency to their citizens in the adoption of AI technology.

This discussion shall include research on the use, or proposed use. Of open source AI technology in government’s national AI strategies. Also an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of open source AI software in Digital Government. To highlight the changing nature of Digital Government and the  technology that is being used to drive these changes, the vulnerabilities of providing open source data to the general public will also be explored in particular with regard to critical services, privacy, and cybercrime. Further, this research shall also analyze the steps governments have taken or can take in order to address these issues. The research shall conclude, with a critique and recommendations for the use of open source AI software in Digital Government as the ultimate tool of transparency and accountability to citizens.

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