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Topic: Alabama Fish Kill


1.       Define the experiment objectives (do not quote or just reword the problem statement). How do you plan on proceeding? What steps  will you take and what happens at each step for you to proceed to the next? (Think Scientific Method) – 10 points2. Research and show/discuss relevant case studies. How does each case study tie in to the current problem? Case studies are to come from the contiguous 48 states (United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii). (minimum of 3) – 15 pointsA case study is an account of an event that contains a real situation and includes the aspects or some of the aspects of the given assignment, also can be called a Historical case study.

A case study for this assignment is not research that was done over a period of time and/or multiple locations. (An example of this might be; “The effects of nitrate pollution in the lakes of Alabama on fish reproduction”. Consider this a research, not a case study.)3. Select and explain dependent variables and independent variables to be measured or controlled. – 10 points4. Select appropriate test methods (tests). Minimum of ten (10) methods. No more than 15 methods. Methods chosen should include some methods not specifically covered in the lab. You must include the appropriate test method number and source (for example. determination of Metals by ICP, Method 200.7, EPA) – 10 points .

Keypoints for Alabama Fish Kill

Explain why you select each method . What does each method measure?. What would the results tell if they are high and if they are low?. Example: What constitutes a high TKN reading on the lake water?. How will you interprete a high TKN reading  and what could be a possible source of that high reading? (Do not copy the actual test procedure, that is not what I am looking for) – 20 points 6. Discuss sampling protocol (frequency and location). Statistically, what is the required number of data points? Must have reference(s) for this section! – 10 points7.

A conclusion with probable cause(s) and possible remedies is key. – 10 points8. Show all references with proper citations (ASCE in-text references (citations) and reference page). Minimum of 10 sources. Two of the references must be from a professional source, i.e. journal or peer reviewed document (these should come from the library or their online database). – 10 points9. If any assumptions are made, list and explain.10. This is not a lab report, so that format does not apply! Do not use personal pronouns as this is still a scientific paper.11. Cover page and page numbers required. Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double-spaced. Print single sided only! – 5 points

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