Analysis- Nursing Case Study

Nursing- casestudy analysis

Description UK English spillings only Vancouver style intext citation and reference list (guide provided ). Must use Peer reviewed literatures along with other reference’s. Will upload a resources to be used please Chick the file of my (Organisation information ) this to be used to guide you in the case please follow the marking guide uploaded. Must use headings Must follow the (Marking criteria guide) uploaded Following is the assignment question Assignment 4-Case Study Report Purpose. The purpose of a case study assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the theoretical information you have received during the subject to a real-life problem.

Case Analysis

Structure: 1. First identify a Quality Indicator within your organisation where the current data reports are showing a need for improvement. 2. Then explore your role and the role of health care leaders in improving care related to your chosen indicator 3. Finally develop a comprehensive plan for improving care related to that indicator within your setting. 4. Also your plan should include the following. Your clinical reasoning for making decisions about the indicator and the causes we associate is evident within your analysis. Additionally an analysis of the various factors that contribute to the poor performance of this quality indicator in your organisation the patient experience.

Patient satisfaction data the HCP teams experience – policies, barriers, cultural norms & behaviors research & evidence base that provides detail on methods to improve the patient’s experience/ outcomes related to your chosen indicator Once you have established the causes associated with the indicator, develop a plan for improving care related to the indicator in your nominated setting. Consequently our plan needs to be structured according to the criteria of Implementation Science that assesses the strength. And finally limitation of the following key elements to the implementation of evidence into prac 3/14/2021 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5 1. Organization culture 2. Leadership 3. Networks and communication 4. Resources 5. Evaluation, monitoring and feedback 6. Champions

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