Childhood – Annotations on two articles

Childhood – Annotations on two articles

For full credit follow this rubric. For each reading provide the name of the reading (for example Unequal Cities Chapter 1.Unequal Cities Chapter 5; Another Brooklyn) and then a paragraph of the following. To begin with write 1-2 sentences summarizing the main argument in your own words. Write 2-4 sentences describing: 1) what is at stake for children. 2) what is at stake for society regarding the reading.  Write 1-2 sentences about how it relates to what you know about Course 2100 so far. Our focus on justice. ATTACHED are the two articles I need these questions above answered for. Course Description for 2100 if needed: Course Description This course is designed to introduce students to the interdisciplinary field of children and youth studies.

Further Description

Weaving together the experiences of childhood and youth. Critical childhood and youth studies, child development, the history of childhood, the sociology of children, and children and environment.  Children and Youth Studies aims to bring the perspectives of different disciplines to bear on children and youth as the focus of inquiry and as human agents. The Perspectives on Childhood course aims to provide an opportunity for students to observe and participate in understanding childhood and adolescence at the intersection of academic disciplines across the spectrum of the social sciences, arts, and sciences.

The course will explore childhood and youth from the perspectives of history, psychology, sociology, literature, and the arts as well as from a rights perspective. Topics will include the history of childhood and adolescence, schooling, gender and sexuality, consumerism, labor, capital & profit, transnationalism and immigration, surveillance, policing & incarceration, imagination, agency, & liberation, rights, and participation. We will rely on excellent texts as well as the rich knowledge and also the experiences from our own lives.

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