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INSTRUCTIONS  FOR ANTHROPOLOGY SOURCES ARE ATTACHED TO THE ORDER. YOU MUST COMPLETE ESSAY 1 NOT ESSAY 2 I REPEAT. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ESSAY 1 AND WRITE THAT. PLEASE READ THE GUIDE VERY CAREFULLY. YOU SHOULD USE THE FOLLOWING SOURCES FOR QUOTES AND EVIDENCE: Course Readings So Far:  Miner, Horace. 1956. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. American Anthropologist, New Series 58(3):503-507.  Jones, Graham M., and Bambi B. Schieffelin. 2009. Talking Text and Talking Back: “My BFF Jill” from Boob Tube to YouTube. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 14:1050-1079.  Fox, Kate. 2014. Watching the English source: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour, Revised and Updated. Nicholas Brealey. [Excerpt]  Rosaldo, Renato. 1993. Grief and a Headhunter’s Rage. In Culture and Truth.

The Remaking of Social Analysis. Boston: Beacon Press. 1-21.  Dahl, Bianca. Chapter 8: Singing with Sad Faces. Unpublished manuscript chapter in Inventing Orphans: The Aftermath of ‘Culturally Sensitive’ Aid in Botswana.  Rudiak-Gould, Peter. 2012. Promiscuous  source Corroboration and Climate Change Translation: A Case Study from the Marshall Islands. Global Environmental Change, 22(1):46-54.  Block, Ellen, and Will McGrath. 2019. Infected Kin: Orphan Care and AIDS in Lesotho. Rutgers University Press. Preface, Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.  OPTIONAL READING: Koslov, Liz. 2019. Avoiding Climate Change: “Agnostic Adaptation” and the Politics of Public Silence. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 109(2):568-580.  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for ESSAY ONE.

Source guidelines

Q: Can we use outside sources? A: Yes! You are welcome to use outside sources. Please include ALL your sources in your bibliography. If it’s a website and you don’t know who authored it, give us the title of the website and the link to its url. Q: Should we have a title, title page, and/or header? A: Yes! Your essay should have a title. You should also put your name, student id number, and your tutorial number and TA’s name (if you can’t remember your TA’s name, you can look it up in the “Tutorials and TA Office Hours Info” document on Quercus). This can either be in a header on the first page, OR on a separate title page. (I prefer the separate title page but either is fine!).

Just remember that your header/title page and bibliography do NOT count toward the 2-3 page count for the assignment. Q: What citation style should we be using? A: We don’t care what bibliography style you’re using; just be consistent, and make sure you are attributing your info to the correct source.  For citations in your actual essay, I recommend that you use author-date style, like this (Fox, 2014) and (Fox, 2014, p. 43). Q: Can we cite the Dahl reading, even though it is unpublished? A: Yes! You can use that for anything related to this class. Since it is not published yet, the way to cite that reading is (Dahl, no date). Q: How should I structure Essay Part 1??

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