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Upload a PDF or DOC files with the answers to following questions. The paper should have 1-inch margins, use font Calibri size 12, and be double spaced. A good essay answer should be no less than 1 double spaced page of substantial information. Since you will have one week to write it, I will expect proper grammar, and punctuation. Also proper use of subject-specific terms which you should have acquired in your study of the previous chapters. Getting this right requires several drafts across multiple days. It is always advisable to let your essay rest and come back to it the next day to write a second draft. A good essay answer should be no less than 1 double spaced page of substantial information. The quality of your essay will be predicated on proper use of grammar and punctuation, and proper use of anthropological terms acquired in the book.

What I am looking for is your ability to craft a 1-page essay that demonstrates that you have read and understood the material and are able to use said knowledge to think logically and critically about the questions. To achieve this, you will need to write several drafts. The best way to do it is to write the first draft as soon as possible and revise it at least once a day until submission time. Since the essays are short, please do not waste space on preambles and get to the crux of the matter right away. Also, for the same reason, please refrain from quoting from the textbook (this includes quotes with proper citations).Although you may use external sources (with citations) while authoring your essays, you may not take information verbatim from the book or any other source, including your classmates.

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Again, the essays are short so absolutely no quotations. Please note that your essay will go through Turnitin, and plagiarism will be sanctioned. Answer the following questions in separate essays (75 points max each): CHAPTER 7. Imagine you are an anthropologist studying tribal territorial defense. In exchange for cooperation, the tribal headman requests that you provide several guns and ammunition to enhance their defense strategy what ethical dilemmas does this proposal create? How would you handle this situation? Next, imagine that your fieldwork was successful, and you are preparing a manuscript about your research.

What steps should you take to ensure that the information included in your publication does not endanger the study population or others? CHAPTER 4. Evolutionary psychologists posit a “mismatch” between human evolved psychological modules and our modern environment. What has changed in the human environment since the Pleistocene? In what ways have those environmental changes challenged the adaptive value of some evolved psychological traits?

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