Antigone, Trump, and Environment Connections

Antigone, Trump, and environment connections

Overview: In the Los Angeles Times Arts and Books special section CULTURE IN PLAGUE TIMES article “Is he America’s Oedipus Rex?” Is he America’s Oedipus Rex-1.pdf by Charles McNulty, Sophocles’ character Oedipus (Antigone’s dad) is compared to Trump? They also mention other Greek tragedians, pity, fear, catharsis, hubris, a difficult fall, how this is “a study in political leadership. The play explores the relationship between good governance and humility” (F2) – and why Aristotle thought these plays were so well-structured. Although this article deals with Oedipus and his story – I would like to see what you would pull from the article that relates to Antigone and Trump and other things we have studied.

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Antigone felt that it was her responsibility/duty to bury her brother . She felt it was absolutely the right thing to do. What are our responsibilities as citizens in a pandemic? Remember to read “Climate Impacts” from the Union of Concerned Scientists Union of Concerned Scientists (Links to an external site.)and “Take a Walk on the Rewilding Side” on Magzter, first published in Time magazine on September 23, 2019 Take a Walk on the Rewilding Side (Links to an external site.) and read “Preserving ocean life” on the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Preserving the Ocean (Links to an external site.) – you can also reference one or more of these articles in your response. If links are not working, some more articles can be found Environment Packet.pdfDr.

Kassia Wosick in her sociology class on campus talks about C. Wright Mills’ term sociological imagination (from his book of the same name. The Sociological Imagination) being “the key for individuals to recognize one’s relationship to greater society. And one person’s idea, vision, discovery. Or effort can truly shift an entire society in order to make changes that benefit not only the individual but also society at large. “Directions: Using the LA Times Oedipus Trump article and Antigone and something else we have read in the last month. Form a 7-10 sentence response paragraph that also connects one of the environmental articles from this week’s reading (see above. In answer to these broad questions – what is an individual’s responsibility/duty in this current society? Why? Explain.

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