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Project Requirements APPLE COMPANY     Project Background. Paper: The SEC 10-K assignment will consist of research to write a paper on an annual SEC 10-K report filed by a public company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The focus of this assignment is on the financial statements as a whole. And also the concepts related to the topics covered in this course. You will conduct internet-based research to select a public company of your choice from the list of companies included in the Fortune 100 companies. And locate its most recent SEC 10-K report for your project.  As part of this project, you will participate each week in the discussions specifically designed to guide you through this project.  You will share your experience with your fellow students to learn from each other through discussion postings.

  There are two deliverables: Firstly SEC 10-K Paper, and secondly SEC 10-K Power Point presentation based on your paper.  In addition grading will be per Rubric in Leo.  It is also recommended that you review the rubric to maximize your earned grade.   Project Content:   A.  Cover Page Name of Company, Annual Report date, Name, Date   B.  Introduction to Company and Basic Financial Information Page providing background information on company such as (at minimum) age of company, locations, number of employees, products, major competitors     C. Describe/explain the following concepts as related to your chosen company.   Label Each Component. Do not copy and paste from SEC10K report. 1.  Management Discussion and Analysis Section of SEC10K Report 2.

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What is the company’s revenue?  What is the company’s policy on revenue recognition? 3. Long-Term Debt and Equity – discuss components of long-term debt and total section of the balance sheet. 4.  Does the company have any deferred tax assets or deferred tax liabilities disclosed in the notes?  Describe the terms and items specific to your company. 5.  Earnings per share and diluted earnings per share-explain and analyze the company’s earnings and diluted per share (compare to company trend, industry, and competitors) 6.  Post Retirement Benefit Plans-(a) does the company have defined benefit or defined contribution plan or both?  (b) describe at least two of the plans including details on valuation and funding

7.  What are the largest increases and decreases in the operating activities section of the Statement of Cash Flows?  What could this be attributed to?   8.  Financial Statement Note Disclosures – explain one disclosure that has not been discussed elsewhere in your paper    D. References   E.  Reflection.  Provide a narrative of what you learned from this process

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