Article Review for Psychology – Analysis

Article Review for Psychology

Article Analyses (100 points) .You will be asked to find one research articles  of personal interest in the field of Psychology that conduct primary and true experimental research and analyze the content of those articles. You must submit your article and identify the hypothesis or hypotheses. Independent and dependent variables, specify the results particularly if the hypothesis or hypotheses are given support. Not supported or partially supported (note: if partially supported specify in what way/s. Include an APA citation of the article, and give a brief reflection including your personal opinion of the article and what you learned. Each analysis should include a copy of the artefact with highlights showing where you found the hypothesis. Results, and what convinces you it’s a true experiment. Artefact Analysis common mistakes:

1. Firstly not highlighting the hypothesis and results in the article 2. Various citation mistakes 3. IV and DV not matching hypothesis 4. IV and DV switched 5. Not formatting the results correctly i.e. not saying if the hypothesis was supported, not supported or  given partial support. 6. Choosing the wrong variables 7. Not matching the results to the hypothesis Article Analysis deal breakers: While there is some room for error in your assignments there are some catastrophic mistakes you can make that will cause your assignment to be no better than a D regardless of the quality of other parts of your work. One deal breaker is not attaching your artefact. Consequently if you don’t attach your artefact I can’t grade the assignment properly.

In Summary

Another deal breaker is if you use the wrong kind of article. If you don’t choose the right kind of article i.e. not experimental or not a primary source, the assignment won’t apply and I can’t grade it properly.  Please use Microsoft Word or PDF Documents to submit your written assignments like this article analysis and any extra credit assignments. Most other file types can be disagreeable with canvas and not open for me. Microsoft Word and PDF are the only files that have consistently worked so please use it. Word file and/or a PDF file.

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