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This assignment will provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the material covered in class. From the first several weeks of lectures and apply that knowledge to real-life artifacts. From the news or other multimedia sources. Consequently, students will have the opportunity to assess and critically analyze how the media portrays crime. To complete this assignment, students will collect and analyze one Canadian artifact that·  Also provides an example of misinformation or a lack of education about the criminal justice system in Canada. Illustrates sensationalism of crime in the media. Identifies a disproportionate level of fear on the part of the public in comparison to the evidence;·

provides evidence or examples of myths about crime, criminals or the criminal justice system. Illustrates the processes by which  criminal events in isolation experience distortion. And they give unprecedent social consideration. Provides an example of deceptive research studies, the misuse of science and research, articles that purposefully mislead the public using “research”.    You are to collect a multimedia artifact such as a newspaper or magazine article, an advertisement, a cartoon or even a meme.

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 You may use the internet to collect your artifact.    Once you have select your artifact, very briefly summarize the artifact and tell me why or how it is representative of one or more of the above issues (i.e. misinformation, perpetuating myths, fear-mongering).  Use what you have learned in the course lectures and slides to develop your discussion and make your arguments.    The choice of your artifact and the strength of your arguments will determine your grade.  You must include a photocopy of your artifact in the appendix of your assignment.  This is a different kind of assignment than you will experience a lot.

 Books and academic journal articles about some of the issues you might be interested in (i.e. terrorism, drugs) will not provide you with the best examples to include in your paper.   I am looking for the artifacts the public view and are outraged about (usually because they are one-sided and misleading) and/or artifacts that perpetuate myths about the criminal justice system.  We want artifacts that are small on facts and big on sensationalism.  They will likely contain small bits of information but make sweeping conclusions that are not supported by the evidence they provide.   Organization . Finally organize your assignment  as follows:  §  Artifact Analysis (2-3 pages) §

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