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Overview: Now that you have chosen your artifacts and identified the common theme, you will develop a draft of your exploration document. Over the course of Theme: Examining the Humanities and Theme: Impact of the Humanities, you will walk through each step in the Soomo webtext and have an opportunity to incorporate instructor feedback before submitting your final version of the exploration document at the end of Theme: Impact of the Humanities. Prompt: Analyze your two chosen artifacts. Then, identify a common theme and compare your examples to one another as expressions of the same theme in different cultural artifacts. To document your analysis and research, you will develop a reference list. In preparation for the presentation you will develop in Theme: Human Culture, you will also consider how you would present your research to a specific audience. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed.

Further Description

Describe the cultural artifacts that you chose. Consider questions such as these in your response: What is the name or title of the artifact? Who is the author or artist? What is the date or time period when they create the artifact? What is the cultural location or physical setting of the artifact? In addition, you could consider including a photograph or image of each cultural artifact, if they are visual artifacts. Identify at least one common theme that will serve as the framework of your exploration document. How do they express  the theme  in your artifacts? Explain how the theme you identify  relates to your personal experience. For instance, you could discuss how the expression of the theme in your cultural artifacts  connects to you personally.

Discuss a profession that could be impacted by the theme you identified. In other words, how is the theme you identified related to professional experiences? How could a working knowledge of the humanities be useful in this field? Describe at least three humanities resources that you could use to investigate your theme. Your sources must be relevant to your theme and of an appropriate academic nature. In your description, consider questions such as the following:

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