Artificial Intelligence- AI and Humanity

Artificial Intelligence- AI and Humanity

Introduction             The article Will democracy survive big data and artificial intelligence and seven ways AI will help humanity, not harm it describes the significance and implications of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is continually evolving to benefit numerous diverse industries. For instance, AI enables people to rethink means to incorporate the information, evaluate data, as use the resulting comprehensions to improve decision making. Despite AI lacking widespread familiarity in major businesses, it is transforming every walk of life. Artificial intelligence is altering the world as well as raising the critical question for the economy and society.

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The two articles’ main argument is that with the appropriate use of artificial intelligence, humans can benefit significantly from AI. The paper creates a response to the two articles on the significance and implication of artificial intelligence.  Point of View In the Will Democracy Survive, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence authors describe how the digital revolution is taking a full swing and changing the world. Further, the data produced doubles each year, and numerous corporations are turning Big Data into Big Money. The AI is making breathtaking advances immensely, contributing to the automation of data analysis.

Essentially, AI is changing how we organize society and the economy . Automation promises more significant opportunities; however, considerable risks if the wrong decisions will be made. Consequently, this would threaten the most remarkable historical achievements. The implication of artificial intelligence includes programmed society and citizens, pre-programmed catastrophe, and legal issues. However, it is possible to have a better digital society with the digital age and democratic platforms strategy. Moreover, in 7 ways AI will help humanity, not harm it. The author notes that AI leads the approach to change the life for better.

Through AI, the information has been analyzed and process in a sophisticated manner. Nonetheless, there has been a deliberation concerning the risks posed by AI on humanity and concerns about artificial intelligence taking control of life to the point of proving detrimental to humanity. Typically, there is a fear that the application of artificial intelligence in lives could result in unseen upshots, including killer robots. However, the implications of incorporating artificial intelligence in lives are an advantage to humanity rather than a curse that might harm it in the imminent. Response

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