Autism- Understanding Lexical Humor

Topic : Will increasing a child with Autism’s knowledge of multiple meaning words help him/her understand lexical humor?


I am currently needing help with the literature review section of my research paper. Hence i attached an article explaining the treatment I am currently conducting. Literature Review must start with a research question:  Will increasing a child with Autism‘s knowledge of multiple meaning words help him/her understand lexical humor?.  Also take the elements listed in research question as the topics that need to be included in the literature review. Nature of the student’s disability and the difficulties that result from it, existing intervention research etc. Literature review must include Intro: Focus the reader’s attention on your topic pique the reader’s interest. Why is the skill we’re treating an important one? Where does the skill have impact in the client’s life?.

Selected studies about the disorders what does the literature say about Autism and how it affects his/her ability to successfully understand humor? What is challenging for my student based on the literature? What research has been done with regard to this disorder area and its impact? Selected studies about the intervention. Has this treatement  been studied before? (Yes I have attached an article about it ) Questions that remain: based on all you’ve just discussed, why are you doing your study? Specific questions in your study.

Literature review tips: Should be at least 4 pages long Use subheads to help the reader identify the issues about to be discussed Organize sections based on your research questions. Justify and set the stage for the study Provide conceptual and theoretical perspectives. Further provide a fair/objective but direct review of other studies State the formal research question at the end of this section (and hypothesis) APA style

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