Biological Anthropologist- Biography

Biological Anthropologist

Instructions For this assignment, you will prepare a brief biography focused on the Biological Anthropologist that you have chosen.  It can be someone working today or someone who has played a significant role in the field in the past.  Additionally the biography should include at least three different sources to make sure the biography is accurate. A good biography is well-balanced and objective. Therefore that means if there is disagreement between sources, further use the evidence to state that there is a conflict.  A good biography is more than a timeline of events in a person’s life.  The context of a person’s life is important.  Also include information about the historical period in which the scientist lived and worked.  For this brief biography, include biography details as listed below.  In addition, address the question. How does this scientist address fundamental issues within Biological Anthropology?.

Further Description

  A Checklist for Biography Details Birthdate /Birthplace Death (if applicable) Education/Influences Work Experiences Contemporaries/Relationships Accomplishments/ Significance Evidence of major accomplishments Evidence of minor accomplishments (if relevant). Therefore the analysis that supports why the individual was worthy of note in their field of expertise during his or her life. Analysis why this individual is worthy of note in their field of expertise today. Statements made / Noted Quotations Works published Photograph General Writing Tips Make it interesting and write it clearly.  Finally you can make your biography interesting by going beyond simple facts and including personal details about their life.

How they became interested in Biological Anthropology, and even how that might influence your own career path.  You can write clearly by making sure each paragraph is fully developed, each point is supported by evidence, and all information included is relevant.  Be sure the purpose of each paragraph (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion) is clear.  This may include the use of section headers.

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