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Book Review

Book Review Assignment Directions: You are to read and write a book review for, Over The Top. How The Internet Is (Slowly But Surely) Changing. The Television Industry by Alan Wolk. The review must be a minimum of five double-spaced pages and no longer than eight pages. This review is a commentary, not merely a summary. You want to critically evaluate Wolk’s arguments, thesis, and methods of analysis. The body of your review essay should be an evaluation of how Wolk believes the internet is changing the television industry the review should have three components. A summary of the book (should be at most ¾ of a page). Think how you might answer if someone saw you reading the book and asked what it was about. What is the main idea(s) the author wants the reader to take away?.

Summarize in your own words—only use quotes if you absolutely have to.

Analysis and Evaluation of the Book – This should constitute the bulk of your review. The author divides the book into three sections. Section 1: Wolk takes us through how the industry works today, focusing on how the various players actually make money and who pays who for what. (List and discuss the players)Section 2: This section deals with the changes that are taking place in the industry today–everything from time shifting to binge viewing to cord cutting–and how those changes are starting to create some seismic shifts. (Discuss the disrupters in the world of television and how it affects the traditional model)Section 3: Wolk reveals his predictions for the future and what the industry will look like in ten years’ time. (Bring Wolk up-to-date when discussing this section.

Further Guidelines

What has come to fruition?)Review each of these sections. As you read and review sections two and three, keep top of mind this book was written in May of 2015. Have some of Wolk’s assumptions/predictions already become reality or proven incorrect. Research this and give example specific to 2019 and 2020Think about the primary argument or thesis of the book. Are you convinced by the author’s presentation? Does the evidence adequately support the conclusion? Why or why not? How, if at all, has the book helped you to better understand its subject matter? To whatever extent possible, try to use concepts learned in class to describe and evaluate the arguments of the book.

Conclusion This should be relatively brief. No more than one paragraph, really. Simply sum up or restate your thesis, and make a final evaluation of the book. An essential feature of a good book review is the reviewer’s ability to write concisely. So, do not write more, write more concisely—find creative ways to communicate your critical evaluation of the book in essay form. Academic paper (introductory paragraph, body and conclusion); The paper must be 5 to 8 pages (minimum of 5 complete written pages excluding any works cited/sources page), double-spaced with 12-point font and standard margins. Grammar, language – free of errors; good use of language, none or few mechanical errors

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