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THINK & REFLECT: To begin with your textbook discusses the importance of peer relationships in human development and how experiencing bullying may affect the well-being of a victim for many years. The APA article on bullying lists five myths about bullying, differences between bullies and victims, and intervention strategies. Have you heard of these myths prior to reading the article? Why do you think these myths exist? What are the difference between bullies and victims? What are effective intervention strategies? Reflect on your own experiences- Have you ever witnessed an instance of bullying? How did this experience affect you? What role does social media play in oppression? DO: 1. In addition to using your textbook, use an article from Psych ARTICLES. See directions above in Module Discussions.

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2. Write an essay (minimum 150 words) that discusses bullying. Write your work in a WORD document then copy and paste it into our discussion forum. Your short essay paragraphs must include the following information: Define bullying Describe two of the 5 myths of bullying from APA article and explain the research that debunks them. Explain at least three differences between the oppressor and victims (see APA article section “Profiles of Early Adolescents”) Based on your readings and your online research, indicate at least two intervention strategies for preventing mistreatment. Give specific examples and support your opinion with credible references. Share an instance of bullying that you experienced, witnessed, or heard about and describe how the experience affected you.

*Please do not use real names of people or institutions; Do not share personal information or details that put you or anyone at risk. We ask that all discussions stay within learn and among current students and privacy cannot be guaranteed. If you or someone you know is currently being victimized or is struggling with prior victimization, please contact the appropriate people for help (e.g., police, school counselor, call 423-697-4483; remember that faculty are mandatory reporters). The intent of this question is to allow an opportunity to share personal reflection and learn from each other in a respectful way. Finally be mindful of Communication Touchstones

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