Business Brief for Branding &amp-Culture

Business Brief for Branding & Culture

A business plan is a business document setting out a business’s future objectives and strategies for achieving them.  A brief serve as a high-level overview of a detailed plan. Firstly your brief should follow APA format and must include the components listed in the next column.  Secondly your brief should be between 10-12 paragraphs and your writing should be clear, succinct, and reflective of examples to support your analysis and recommendations. Thirdly your brief must include five (5) references from the materials used in class (textbook, supplemental reading, class presentations/discussions) (Internal sources). Consequently your brief may also include unlimited external sources.   Use all references, sources, citations  properly and reference appropriately.

Further Description

Must include Business Review Company Overview Agency Overview Business Analysis Business Recommendation Conclusion Assignment Select an advertising campaign that reflects e an Advertisers support of today’s culture as a brand (i.e., P&G “Mom” campaign)   Business Review Discuss the impact that culture has on the brand and how the ad uses consumer behavior, value propositions and positioning in it is creative.  Is the ad a success or fail and discuss why?. Company & Agency Overview Overview for Advertiser (Nike) & the Creative Agency Analysis Discuss how consumer behavior is used in the ad; what type of consumer behavior does the ad appeal to?.

  What is the value proposition present in the ad and how does that affect consumers?  How does the advertiser position this product in the ad itself and how is it positioned for maximum memory?  Business Recommendations (as Agency of record) Discuss your creative advertising recommendations to further define or appeal to a new culture.  Use your  analyses to help draw and support your recommendations.  Discuss your recommended messaging and provide a high-level communication plan (Message, Creative, Media, Measurement) Conclusion Agency Overview Business Analysis and Recommendation

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