Business Research &amp- Opinion Paper

Business Research & Opinion Paper

Utilizing articles you may find in the library, popular media or information from industry websites, write a 3-5 page paper utilizing terms from the text to discuss a current management phenomena, changing industry trends, or developing innovations, and how they could be used to affect management strategy and/or tactics. Papers should focus on an industry in which the student has career aspirations. They will  grade the papers will  based on the rubric below. There are no immediate topic restrictions, other than the requirement that it have a relationship to management practices in business and industry.

Further Description

Consequently students should pursue a topic that interests them. Therefore the paper requires that students take and defend a position on a topic. Additionally he assignment requires that students research writings and publications on a chosen topic, and select works that are relevant and contribute to a cogent discussion on the topic. Your analysis of the topic should include your own opinion, supported by references to works discovered during your research. If you are uncertain of the quality or appropriateness of a topic, discuss it with the instructor directly. Each assignment should take the form of an individual, written report

. All students must be able to effectively communicate in the written language of business. The report requires concise expression of thought on a current topic of interest in the course. The report is to originate from the mind of the student, and  support by quotations, citations or references from the articles you selected from your research on the topic of your interest, as well as from your assigned text. Finally you should consider utilizing the course text in order to assure that your topic is relevant to course concepts.

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