Business Strategy – Capstone Assignment

The capstone assignment- Business Strategy

Business Strategy, along with the assignments in this course are designed to demonstrate that students have achieved the learning outcomes established for the undergraduate program in the College of Business and Management. The learning outcomes for this assignment include. Explain the strategic planning process including values, mission, and vision (SLO 12.1). Apply the strategic options and tactics a firm may select to grow a business (SLO 12.2). Ethical and responsible decision-making and problem solving (SLO 13.1). Exhibit an understanding of how the external environment plays into the selection of strategic objectives through the use of a SWOT analysis (12.3). Demonstrate critical thinking skills (SLO 13.4). Demonstrate writing skills (SLO 13.6)Confirm the critical importance that appropriate communication plays in the execution of the strategic initiatives (12.4).

Describe and explain aspects of the business plan including executive summary, mission statement, innovative and strategic posture, key issues. Demonstrate proficiency in business writing, including APA 7th ed. Standards and citations, references, grammar, punctuation, headings, title page. In addition quality of sources with emphasis on scholarly references within the most recent two years (SLO 13.6). This final project covers not only the cumulative course content throughout our term but also in other courses leading up to this capstone course. In your final project, you will identify an organization to analyze in several of the areas of business strategy discussed in this course. Your choice of organization can include either. Firstly an organization of your choice that may be a non-profit, a social enterprise, or a different type of organization that is not necessarily a company.

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Secondly an organization or company you propose as an entrepreneurial endeavor. For which you are willing to complete the final paper as a proposal including the components of the organization that expects an  analysis for this assignment. Regardless if you choose a. or b.. All students must receive instructor approval of their choice for this final capstone assignment. Students should request pre-approval early in the term. This final project will include various topics that we have learned about in class. Your analysis of the organization’s vision and strategic plan. Along with the company’s efforts in succeeding, or where the company needs to improve. Students will demonstrate proficiency in business writing, including APA 7th ed. standards and citations. Consequently references, grammar, punctuation, headings, title page. Adding quality of sources with emphasis on scholarly references within the past two years.

We expect students to present concepts supported by the literature on business strategy, leadership, and management. (Writing proficiency is worth 30% of earned grade).Your paper should address how the organization’s leaders and managers are performing in these strategic managerial focus areas (the content of the paper is worth 70% of the earned grade): Content: Use the outline below when preparing your Strategic Plan. If you cannot find certain information, use your best judgment based on the information you can find. (For example, most companies do not state their exact objectives, but you can usually infer if management is focusing on profits, sales, customer service, product development, employee retention, etc.)Format: Your assignment has four main components as described below (Introduction, Strategic planning and implementation, Ethics and corporate social responsibility, and Conclusion). under these four components are subsections as also numbered below.

Additional guidelines

Please include all these sections and follow the order exactly with headings. Have a cover page at the beginning of the assignment with your name and the company name (as well as the course code and professor’s name). You must include a page for references and use APA style as well for citations and internal references. To reiterate, the written paper is to be typed double–spaced, 1-inch margins, Calibri 11-point font, page length between 10-12, with correct spelling and grammar, proper citation, references, with a cover page and organized with headings. Papers that are less than 10 pages of content will not be accepted. Students must use at least 5 current sources for this paper. Do not use as a source; it will not be counted as one of your sources.

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