CACREP Standard – Advocacy Process

CACREP Standard

To begin with identify one child you know personally or in the school you work at who experience an issues you can advocate for. So, the same information in the presentation goes into the paper. Also this final paper as in the syllabus. please write a 8-12 page paper with at least 5 scholarly references. Firstly identify the institutional and social barriers that impede access, equity and success for this client. Secondly select an advocacy process for the reduction/elimination of these barriers. Thirdly describe how a counselor would use the selected advocacy process in this particular case for the reduction/elimination of these barriers. A General Content Rubric for Advocacy Issues Case Study Assignment1 Identification of Institutional and Social Barriers. Correct/ accurate identification of all institutional and social barriers2 Selection of Advocacy Process.

Full, clearly delineated, and appropriate selection of advocacy process3 Use of Advocacy Process. Complete use of advocacy process Data Literacy and Research CLO E2, NYS 2, TESOL 1, PSEL, 4f,g Data are analyzed; Or Implications for learner or school improvement are presented. Equity and Access EA DLR2, TESOL 4, Existing assessment or data collection tools were used. B) CACREP/CAEP Standards’ Rubric Level 4- Exceeds Expectations (demonstrates exceptional knowledge and clinical skills) Professional Orientation and Identity (CACREP Standard 1); CAEP Standards 1.1,4.4. The candidate demonstrates that s/he is exceptionally knowledgeable about the philosophy. History, and current and future trends in the counseling profession and shows exceptional skills in applying this knowledge. For advocating for client/social and Cultural Diversity (CACREP Standard 2); CAEP Standards1.2; 5.5.

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In addition the candidate demonstrates that s/he is able to recognize and understand social and also cultural differences. Finally change in our society through an understanding of oneself and the use of self in the counseling process. Therefore candidate shows that s/he possesses the necessary skills to respond to this recognition and understanding through advocating for client/s in an exceptional manner. Human Growth and Development (CACREP Standard 3); CAEP Standard 4.1 The candidate therefore has a foundation for understanding human behavior and development. The candidate is able to exceptionally design, implement, and evaluate developmentally appropriate counseling interventions and programs Career Development (CACREP Standard 4); CAEP Standard 4.2 The candidate demonstrates that s/he is exceptionally knowledgeable and also in helping clients make life and career decisions.

The candidate shows exceptional skills in applying this knowledge for advocating for client/s Helping Relationships (CACREP Standard 5); CAEP Standards 2.3; 3.3;The candidate is able to advocate for the client/s through exceptionally applying knowledge, theory, and skills to work effectively with clients in a variety of modalities (individual, group, family) and to use crisis intervention, brief counseling, and long-term approaches Group Work (CACREP Standard 6); CAEP Standards 1.5;5.1The candidate demonstrates that s/he is exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled in providing group counseling for advocating for client/s Assessment (CACREP Standard 7); CAEP standards 4.4, 5.1

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