Calculation of your carbon footprint

Assignment 2 – Calculation of your carbon footprint

Assignment 2 – Calculation of your carbon footprint For this assignment you will be calculating your carbon footprint using the online carbon footprint calculator at (  The calculator allows you to input your usage of carbon based on various aspects of ones daily life’s consumption of fossil fuels.  You will use this calculator to project your impact on the Earth’s climate by following these steps. Calculate your carbon footprint for the year 2019 (the year prior to the pandemic). Include all components of your life’s usage of carbon (the place that you lived. The consumption of fossil fuels for you home and with transportation.

As well as through the consumption of food and other normal life’s necessities) by following the tabs on the six tabs on the online calculator. Record the total value you come up with. Next, do this again. But this time do it for the year 2020 (the year of the COVID-19 pandemic) and record the new value. Calculate the difference is between the normal and pandemic footprint.  What was your offset between these two years? Now extrapolate this to the current global population) by multiplying your values (the 2019, 2020, and difference calculations to that of the global population of 7.9 billion people.

Compare that value with what the website reports as the average worldwide carbon footprint.  How far are you off? Why might your estimate be flawed? Considering the change that was recorded by your pre and during pandemic usage, how close did you get to achieving the world wide target of 2 metric tons per person to combat climate change? What additional steps would you have to take to get to this level?

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