Capstone Paper Project


Capstone Paper Project

This week you will compose the first draft of your Capstone Paper. Your literature review will form the foundation for your paper, but you will be adding some additional sections. Like your literature review, the paper must be in APA format with a proper reference page. The Capstone Paper should contain. Firstly a one-page Introduction (this should introduce the topic and explain your interest).Secondly a Literature Review (you must make any corrections to the final draft recommended by your professor). Thirdly one to two page Connection to Coursework Section (discussing how the content of the literature review relates to coursework you have taken at CBU).

In addition one to two page Connection to Practice Section (discussing how the content of the literature review relates to your future work as an educator). For more information about the assessment of this assignment, please review the rubric visible below. Attached you will also find a sample capstone paper. Please note that, while this is an A paper, is did not receive full credit-it needs more specifics in the connections sections to achieve the highest level of the rubric. The sample should, however, provide you with a general idea of how a good capstone paper looks. You have already completed the literature review.

For the “connection to course work”, you have been taking classes for a degree in early childhood education. Learned about how to accommodate children with special needs. Learned that there are lots of ways to teach a child….. For the “connection to practice”, You are going to become a teacher and this will help you help children with ADHD. This teacher is a stickler for proper APA format. The last copy of the revision you did was perfect. Please follow that lay out for this assignment.

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