Career Center Activity- SNHU

Career Center Activity

Overview:This assignment is designed to guide you to the SNHU Career Center and to help you explore what resources are available to you for both internships and career changes. This experience will provide you an opportunity to begin planning an internship opportunity if it makes sense for you to do so, or to learn more about changing your career. Prompt:For this activity, you will visit the Career Center, a valuable resource for SNHU students. Navigate to the Build Experience page from the options on the left, and begin to explore the Changing Careers and Internship information tabs. Be sure to review at least two resources from each tab that you can reference in this assignment. While this information may not be specific to your situation or your goal statement, reflect on how you can use the Career Center resources to help you on the path to achieving your goal.

After viewing these Career Center resources,you will write a short,1-to 2-page reflection about what you learned. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I.Are you considering a career change, or are you in the process of changing your career? a.If so, explain how the General Studies degree is going to help you make some kind of a career transition in your life. This may include a new industry, or growing in your current field. In your explanation, reference information from the SNHU Career Center resources, especially the materials under “Changing Careers?” and incorporate how you can use this information to assist you in your career change. II.Does completing an internship during your General Studies degree make sense for you?.

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If so, discuss how an internship opportunity would be a valuable experience for you to complete as you seek to achieve your goal. Based on one or more of the resources you explored. What kind of an internship would you pursue? What knowledge would you hope to get out of this internship?. In your explanation, reference new information you have learned on internships through the Career Center resources. If an internship is not going to be the best option for you. Discuss any internship opportunities you have had in the past or examples of prior learning where you have gained credit toward a degree. Or certificate through real-world experience. Have you had this opportunity before?. Could an internship have been beneficial at some point in your prior learning?

In your explanation, reference new information you have learned on internships through the Career Center resources. III.Draw connections between the research you have done for this assignment and your academic plan. How does the Career Center help to inform your academic pathway? For example, does it help you draw clearer connections between the steps you are taking toward graduation. And your larger professional goals? Does it give you a greater sense of how you might connect to other professionals. Or ways in which you might continue growing your skills after you have graduated?.

Even if you are not changing your career, what takeaways from these resources are valuable to your academic plan? Explain. Guidelines for Submission:Your paper must be submitted as a 1-to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Please know that, I am currently working in law enforcement handling legal documents and I am seeking a career change into the Human Resource field.

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