Case Study – Competition for Legal Class

Case Study Competition for Legal Class

Case Study Competition for Legal Class Spring 2021*Your team will need to develop a power-point slide presentation that lasts at least 8 minutes, but no longer than 10. This will be strictly enforced. You will need to prepare a presentation in which you are addressing each of the case study scenarios below. Case Study A and Case Study B will need to be carefully researched and you will want to include multiple case rulings (precedent) and you may choose to use videos, pictures, etc. to make your points. You will not need to provide a written portion with your presentation; however, you will need to at least email the presentation to your professor on the same day you present. Each team has multiple members and each team will be required to have only one leader.

Separate for A and B) for each case study presentation. Each team member shall be responsible for at least 2 slides each. Also  in each presentation (at the bottom of each slide) the student who comprised the slide. They  will include their name and in the references section of the presentation. Each student’s name will be beside a minimum of 3 properly noted APA resources. The Rubric for the Case Study Competition is as follows:300 possible total points100 points for answering all items after the case study with clarity and references100 points for the actual professional presentation, including dress, performance (no reading and no ums and you knows) and polish100 points for creativity, use of proper references and cases, an interesting presentation*Each of the 5 team members will actually score the overall team and each participant as to their participation and contribution to the presentation.

Further Description

Please note that a panel of faculty may be assisting in the scoring of the actual presentation. Case Study You have been hired as the athletic director at Johnsonville Junior college, the last two-year private Christian College in Arkansas. You are excited to be at the school and are eager to get started with hiring, budgeting, scheduling, etc. One of your first tasks is cleaning up some of the messes left by a retiring AD who had been the long time baseball coach and then became AD and was at the institution for over 40 years. He is a legend and is still in the area. A number of issues have been discussed between yourself and the long-time Associate AD who applied for the job, but did not get it.1. You have learned that the men’s basketball coach makes double the salary that the head women’s coach makes.

You also have been told that the men’s basketball team receives all of the extra money from bake sales. Also in car washes, and other fundraisers that all other teams are required to participate in. 2. You have been told by the Administrative Assistant for the athletic department that the former AD has typically used department funds to have a beginning of the year party at his house. Even though it is against college policy and he has hid it from the President for years. She is asking about the band, food, and how much you would like her to spend as the party is in a few weeks and coaches look forward to it every year.

Additional Guidelines

3. You have been told that the Women’s Soccer Team, the Women’s Tennis Team. The Women’s Softball team are all required to dress in very (inappropriate outfits, short skirts and very tight fitting tops). Club like attire and serve in the President’s Box and AD’s box during each home football game. The school does not officially have a policy about this. 4. Most of the coaches at Johnsonville are all friends of the recently retired AD and they have all been at the school for 20 or more years. Some of them have deep running relationships with everyone on campus and in the town of Johnsonville.

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