Tabatha – Case Study

Case Study: “Tabatha

Case Study: “Tabatha ”“Good morning, team. I was on-call this past weekend, on Sunday, I met with Tabatha, who was recently added to my caseload within the past three weeks. Biologically, Tabatha is a male; however, she identifies as female and is 19 years of age. On Saturday night, Tabatha was transported to City Hospital after being attacked by two unknown assailants, in which the police believe that the attack was a hate crime due to Tabatha being transgender. When Tabatha chose to live her life as a woman permanently 3 months ago, her parents kicked her out of their home and told her that she could return when she changes. Broke and homeless, Tabatha has made economic/financial decisions that could have caused her to be arrested; however, this has not happened as of date.

Tabatha is concerned about her sexual health because she is considering prostitution as the only outlet for earning money. Tabatha states that socially she feels awkward. Even when amongst other transgender persons and questions whether she may or may not be going through a phase. So, meeting with Tabatha has presented several challenges. But I spoke with her about the validity of her experiences as a transgender woman and that I would be working with her on prioritizing and addressing the challenges once released from the hospital. “Milton is a Human Services Professional with Helping Communities Grow, LLC. Each week, the team meets with the immediate supervisor, Jeff, to discuss challenging cases and how to address cases towards a hopeful resolution.

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Because Milton is sitting next to the head of the table, he is the first to begin discussing a case he is working with: Instructions You are pretending that you are Jeff, the supervisor. Your role is to provide a response to Milton, but also to educate the team during this consultative experience. Write a two-page paper, highlighting the following bulleted requirements. Critically explain sexual inequality from Tabatha’s experience. Relative to sexuality, what concerns are there for Tabatha? Provide an evaluation of what Tabatha is going through and how it relates to how she identifies. She is legally an adult at 19 years of age; however, there are social and developmental issues and changes that she is enduring.

What are they? Critically think of what a Human Services Professional can do to assist Tabatha in addressing the social and developmental components of her life as of the present? APA Expectations You are going to use 2 sources minimum. Cite all facts you indicate throughout your work with a parenthetical in-text citation. Ensure that all parenthetical in-text citations throughout your work correlate with entries on the alphabet Reference listing at the conclusion of your work.

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