criminal justice system- Casey Anthony Trial Final

Casey Anthony Trial Final – criminal justice system

You are expected to write a research paper using proper APA format on the murder of Caylee Anthony and the arrest of her mother, Casey Anthony, that occurred in Orange County FL. You are not just to report on the case. Instead, you will use the case to explain the progression of a criminal case through the Criminal Justice System from investigation, to prosecution, to corrections, and appeal. To do so, you are required to define the legal burdens that need to be met and explain to the reader of your paper how the criminal justice system works. The research question for this research is: Did the Criminal Justice System work as intended? You will make an academic argument based on your research using cited, scholarly material which will take a position on that question.

Course outcomes covered by the Final Paper Argue the basic functions of each component of the criminal justice system. Examine the definition of crime and different kinds of crime. Compare and explore the history and structure of policing, police management, and legal aspects of policing. Analyze the court process, and progression of cases through the system. Assess probation, parole, community corrections, prisons, and jails Week Twelve Learning Activities and Assignments Complete the final paper using the research components that have been utilized throughout this course. The final paper for this course has no length requirement but you must adequately cover the legal burdens and explain to the reader how a case proceeds through the Criminal Justice System.

Further Guidelines

Defining the legal burdens and role of each part of the system and the individual actors; police, investigators, State Attorney, defense, judge, jury, corrections, appeals courts. The paper will be written utilizing APA format. The final paper will be a thorough review of the criminal case where Casey Anthony was arrested and tried for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. You will conduct scholarly research and write a paper that will include the following points: Discuss the definition of crime, what makes a crime a crime, and the different kinds of crime. What is probable cause and how was it met in this case? What crime or crimes were committed in this case? How did the evidence meet the charges brought against Casey Anthony?

What are the basic functions of each component of the criminal justice system in this case? Discuss in detail the different components of the criminal justice system to include specifically how each part worked in this case. What was the role of the police, State Attorney, Defense, the Judge, the Jury, the role of Corrections (including parole and or probation). Be sure to include but not limited to the following concepts: Firstly what are motions? Secondly what is the burden of proof? Thirdly what is Miranda and how are statements from a defendant allowed in court or not allowed? Consequently what is proof beyond a reasonable doubt? What is reasonable doubt? What is an appeal? Use the case to illustrate and explain these concepts. (C.O. 1)

In Summary

Analyze the court process and how this case progressed through the system. How did the corrections system play a role in this case? Discuss if the legal system worked as designed in this case. Why or why not? If you chose that the system did not work, what would you propose should be changed and why? If you feel the system worked, what made you believe this? You will need to back up your opinion with sound, cited scholarly research.

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