CBI – Framework in the Neighborhood

Framework in the neighborhood – CBI

For our purposes, a detailed framework in the neighborhood of 1,200 to 1,500 words is appropriate. There is no set format for your framework. You may choose to present your framework as an essay, an outline, a chart, or a PowerPoint. Consequently  it should include sufficient detail to give your fictitious crisis communications team. Also your decision maker the gist of your plan and their accompanying marching orders.  BACKGROUND: Director Jonathan Miller is a former U.S. Attorney from Chicago. He has extensive experience with violent crime and organized crime, but has been in private practice for several years. In addition he is not particularly knowledgeable about current national security threats, to include terrorism, cybercrime, and espionage.

He is an extrovert who thinks of himself as the primary spokesperson for the CBI. Firstly he is comfortable as a public speaker and in front of the camera. Secondly he is confident and decisive, but he prefers to approach large decisions through discussion and consensus. Thirdly he likes to talk about issues, and he respects the opinions and perspectives of those around him, but he is not afraid to make unpopular decisions for the good of the agency or the people he serves. In addition he leads an agency of roughly 12,000 agents and 24,000 intelligence analysts, computer specialists, financial specialists, scientists, writers, and the like. He routinely travels to the more than 50 CBI field offices across the country. He is , very talkative, and very personable.

Further Description

He routinely drops in on different divisions and programs throughout Headquarters and the Capitol City metro area. The employees of the CBI and their law enforcement counterparts like him. Director Miller is highly intelligent, and well-versed in how to play the political game. But he can tend to talk too openly and honestly, sometimes to his detriment. The CBI’s primary issues are terrorism, state-sponsored espionage. Cybercrime, and rising violent crime in cities such as Chicago and Detroit and Birmingham.

Though the CBI is a federal law enforcement agency, the director is often viewed as one of the leading voices for state. In addition local law enforcement, and he is expected to advocate for his state and local counterparts at the national level. The CBI also faces a fair amount of discord with the Department of Justice, which operates from a presidential administration point of view. Whereas the CBI prefers to remain non-partisan. PROMPT: It’s a Saturday evening in the spring. At approximately 8:30 p.m., four teams of individuals armed with sub-machine guns and wearing explosive vests attack several different locales in Capital City. One team strikes at the Kennedy Center, opening fire on a group of 500 people attending an off-Broadway production of “Hamilton.” Many theater-goers are shot in their seats, and as of now, the death toll is 321, with another 75 who had  severe injuries.

Additional Information

The second team strikes on U Street, opening fire on diners and bar-hoppers on the terraces of various restaurants, killing 53 and severely injuring dozens more. The third team attempts to drive a large moving van through the barricade of the CBI Headquarters. They do not breach the barricade, but they kill four police officers, and they detonate their explosive vests, significantly damaging the front of the first few floors of the CBI Headquarters. The fourth team gains entrance to the freshman dormitories at Thomas Jefferson University — a prestigious private university, killing 36 students and severely injuring a dozen more.

Draft a brief (no more than 1,500 words, plus or minus 10 percent) giving Director Miller a plan of action based on your crisis communications plan. What are his first steps? Firstly how does he deal with employees? How does he handle the media? How does he deal with the public? What should he say to Congress? How should he coordinate with other members of the intelligence community? Identify key messaging for internal and external audiences, to include employees, the media, and the public. What can Miller do to help re-build the brand and reputation of the CBI?

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