Assessment – Purpose For the Content Reflection Paper

Central focus and purpose for the content

Write a reflection that: Describes the central focus and purpose for the content you will teach in the learning segment. Explain how your plans build on each other to help students make connections. Knowledge of your students to inform teaching– What do students know, what can they do, and what are they learning to do?. You will use prior grades learning outcomes and standards, as well as culminating standards to the standards you are using). Personal/cultural/community assets related to the central focus. How will you incorporate the students’ everyday experiences, cultural backgrounds and practices, and interests?. Describe and justify why your instructional strategies and planned supports are appropriate for the whole class, individuals, and/or groups of students with specific learning needs.

Further Description – Assessment

(Consider students with IEPs, English language learners, struggling readers, underperforming students or those with gaps in academic knowledge, and/or gifted students- you will differentiate for one small group of homogeneous needs, and at least one other learner in the class)o Describe how your planned formal and informal assessments will provide direct evidence that student has developed the learning objective.  Explain how the design or adaptation of your planned assessments allows students with specific needs to demonstrate their learning. Describe the assessment you used to develop the students’ developing knowledge and identify the evaluation criteria that was used to analyze student learning.

Explain how the next steps that follow from your analysis of student learning. Support your explanation with principles from research and/or theory. ASSIGNMENTS In addition to the APA Manual, there are several online guides and resources for APA writing. Also style such as Other web-sites that offer information in both APA and MLA are and the other is For the knight cite a website you can also just type in and it will take you to the homepage.

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