Cesar Chavez- Reaction Paper

Cesar Chavez

The reflection should be 3-4 pages and the following factors should be considered when viewing and writing the reaction paper to this film: Note: Please answer the overarching questions in sections I-III. The bullets are there to guide your answers. You don’t need to answer every bullet underneath the questions. Answer ALL of the questions in sections IV-X. I. Who was Cesar Chavez? (10 points) What was his childhood like? What inspired him to become an activist? Why did Cesar choose to fast? II. Describe the people that you encountered in this film. (10 points) Who were the farm workers? Who were the people advocating for workers’ rights? How did the workers and activists describe the experience of the protest and their struggle for better treatment?.

What risks did the workers face when they decided to take on their bosses and ask for higher wages and better treatment?  III. Who were the landowners and bosses of the farms? (10 points) What was their perspective on the farming business? Why did they treat the workers as they did? Why did they see Cesar as a threat? IV. What organizing strategy and tactics did you recognize?  V. What role did racism and discrimination play in the struggle between workers and their bosses? (10 points)  VI. Why are nonviolent tactics so significant to the success of social movements? (10 points)  VII. Power:

Further Guidelines

How did people in power use laws, customs and procedures to maintain a status quo that favored them? (10 points)  VIII. What conditions do fruit pickers work under today?  (10 points)  IX. What remains to be done in the long struggle to get fair and humane treatment for farm workers? What policy would you advocate to change today?  (10 points) X. How can you as the educator use the film as a teaching tool? What are discussion questions/activities that you could develop as a result of the film? (10 points)

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