Leadership and Change – Nursing Education


Module 7 discusses how to function as a change agent and leader, while respecting legal and ethical guidelines. You will familiarize yourself with nursing organizations that develop nurse leaders. You will peruse nursing accreditation websites to see the requirements for accreditation and learn about requirements for approval through your state’s Board of Nursing. The role of the nurse educator as leader will be examined.


Change and leadership in nursing education requires a solid understanding of legal and ethical realms in both practice and education. This module provides an overview of the legal and ethical issues related to student academic performance that nurse educators commonly face in the classroom and clinical setting. A discussion of the importance of student-faculty interactions is highlighted, as well as legal and ethical issues related to academic performance, including the provision of due process, the student appeal process, assisting the failing student, and academic dishonesty. Finally, this module concludes with differentiated view of ethics, morality, and law as it relates to patient education initiatives within the health care setting.


Critical Thinking Exercises: 3 pages


Write paper (adhering to APA format) on each the following topics, using at least 5 references synthesized into your discussion.


  • Firstly, picture yourself in a teaching, scholarship, or service role. Secondly describe a situation where you could be a change agent and leader. Thirdly what outcome are you trying to achieve, and finally what steps would you take to achieve this outcome?
  • Describe a leadership theory that resonates with you. Why does this particular theory appeal to you in contrast to the other theories that were described in the readings? Have you ever seen a nursing leader utilize this theory?
  • Six competency areas essential for creative leadership include technology master, problem solver, ambassador, change maker, communicator and team player. Which one of these attributes is a personal strength for you already? Provide an example. Which attribute will require the most in terms of your own self-development? How do you intend to grow in that area?
  • Conduct a literature search on “incivility” in nursing education. Summarize the findings of the evidence-based article, and describe how you as a leader would engage with fellow professionals to mitigate this behavior.




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