Cider House Rules – Movie Reaction

Cider House Rules Reaction

Assignment Description

For this assignment, you will need to watch the 1999 movie The Cider House Rules. This movie is available for rent through Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu. There is a fee for renting this movie, but, as I mentioned in the syllabus, movie rentals are considered a required text for this class.  As you are watching the movie, you will want to document your reactions to various scenes, characters, plots, themes, subjects, controversies, etc. within the movie. Were you angry? disgusted? saddened? Try to document your reactions using descriptive, powerful adjective. Documenting your reactions is very important as it will help you write your reaction paper. After you have watched the movie, I would like for you to write a 2-page reaction paper.

 This paper on cider house rules must be typed and be in MLA format. At minimum, here is what you will want to incorporate into your reaction paper: Summarize what you have watched. Write a brief summary of the movie. Describe your reaction to the movie in detail. Write your thoughts, feelings and observations. Explain the reason(s) for your reaction. Details as to why you feel the way you do and what may have influenced your reaction. Reflect on the significance of the movie in relation to the course, school, or even your own life. Discuss how the movie will affect your future, whether it’s something as minor as what happens today or as major as your future career. There is no right or wrong way to write this paper so do not stress. As long as you, at minimum, answer the questions above, you should do well.

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