Climate change: Place and Problem in Thailand

Climate change: Place and Problem in Thailand

The links between climate change and global citizenship might seem obvious, and they are, on the surface. There are more complex links too, which vary from country to country. You need to explore some of these links for the reader, as they relate to a specific country of your choice. You need to inform the reader (assume an audience of Alverno students and recent graduates) of the geographic connections between climate change and citizenship on a global level. Your paper for Part 2 of the Project should substantially address the following (not necessarily in this order; this is intended as a list, not an outline): Connections between awareness of climate change and action in a particular place.

Further Instructions

Identify the geographic focus of your case study (make comparisons with a familiar location, such as Wisconsin). Describe unique features of the country you are focusing on with respect to this topic. Describe the ways the threat of change affects this country in unique or familiar ways. Discuss how or whether the public has responded to “the threat of climate change” through mitigation or adaptation efforts. Also why the public may be unable to respond due to vulnerability Summarize concepts of  change and global environmental concerns. Define climate change in a global context. Explain what you mean by environmental concern Compare natural and human caused climate fluctuations .

Compare the potential impact of climate change on humanity’s future. Emergence of awareness of weather change .Discuss how climate change became a topic of concern for some scientists. Discuss how scientists began to respond to this concern. Finally discuss how understanding of  change has emerged across a wider public audience in the U.S. and other parts of the world

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