Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is an example of a trending and innovative technology. Conduct an Internet search and find at least 3 sources of information on Cloud Computing.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to:
• Describe what Cloud Computing is and discuss 2-3 options that are currently available.
• List advantages/disadvantages of using the cloud. Would you use the cloud? Why or why not?
• Thinking back through topics learned during this course, what concerns might you have over the use of such technology?
• Include speaker notes for each slide as a representation of the content you would present orally to accompany the visuals on the slide.

Be sure to include a slide at the end of your presentation that has your references listed in APA format. You should have at least 3 references. Also, include citations for each slide as a footer for the slide to which they refer.For instructions and other details on this project, please refer to the Presentation Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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