Community Arts Institutions – Descriptive Essay

Community arts institutions

These are the directions. Follow them carefully. You will write a draft of a 4 – 5 page paper. You will use your notes, previous discussion forum responses (you are allowed to re-use your own words) and outside articles and other sources. If you would like to include some photos or other visual aids you may do so, but label them clearly. Outline the issue: What are community arts institutions? Why are community arts institutions important to New York’s social, cultural and economic life? (Use as many sources as you like here. Make sure to cite them).Overall, based on your research (you should use sources here as well), what are some of the challenges faced by CAI in the wake of covid? Use statistics and numbers here that you get from outside sources. Explain the goals, to the best of your understanding, of this research project.

Further Description

What are you hoping to find out in your investigation? (Refer here to the many assignments and discussions we have had on this and to your notes).Introduce your institution. Why did you choose this institution? In what ways does it fit the criteria of community-based arts institution? What kinds of work does it do? Here you can use the website, your notes and other sources. What kind of community does the institution serve? What is its relationship to the community? Here you can use info from your community data assignment. When starting your study, what kinds of unique challenges did you think your institution would be facing?

What are the methods you have used to study your institution? (Here you should mention gathering community data, doing internet research, visiting the institution and interviewing people).Through your investigation, what did you learn that helped to illuminate your goals with the research project? What kinds of challenges does the institution face? What are they doing to address them? Here you can refer to the interviews and other material that you have collected. Concluding remarks – what do you think will happen with your institution in the future? How will it adapt to the new situation? Can you offer any suggestions?

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